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Hello Al and Diana
I purchased a wind chime at the San Mateo Harvest festival, B-minor and it's hanging outside my bedroom
window. I LOVE IT. I hear it at night and it's so calming.
It's the best purchase I ever made.  
Thank you so much for making such a wonderful product
Deborah "

Hello Al and Diana -
I just wanted to thank you for the beautiful wind chimes I bought yesterday. I got them hanging up as soon as I
got home.  I have got a fan blowing on them so I can enjoy the sound of the chimes all day. I hope to buy more of
them from you down the road. They are the best!!!!!
Diane V, Fremont CA

Dear Al,
The chimes are so beautiful and wish I could get the next set now.  I never walk by them without hitting the
middle so I can hear them ring.  I have a small collection of different types, but nothing like Summer Dreams.  I
just can't tell you enough how those chimes make me feel.  I've never even spent that much money on a set of
chimes.  I just want to take this time to tell you, Thank you" again, and again.

"I bought your chimes in Pacific Grove, Ca. I hope you enjoyed our home town, and I love my windchimes.
However, now that I've heard the church sounding ones, I'm confused and want all of them. The church sounds
remind me of Grace Cathedral in San Francisco on Nob Hill. Thank you for the beautiful sounds, and I remember
you said you will be in Los Gatos in August. Maybe I will see you then.

Perfect timing!  We have been planning to add at least one other windchime, maybe two more, but do not
remember what we bought.  We have two pretty big you have a record of which two?
Santa Rosa, Ca
Shalimar, it just happens that I remember. You bought a Model 1X, Extra Large, Earthsong, at the Santa Rosa
Home Show, then you got a Model 4X, Extra Large , Summer Daydream, that we shipped to you. What do you
have in mind now?

"Hi!  Just a note to say that I have had a big set of wind chimes from you for 3 or 4 years and I just love them!   
Tuned to C major (?) scale, they have been outside every summer ( Mar- Oct really) and have stayed tuned and
lovely all these years...
My question:  when will you start manning a booth ?  I'm going to be in Tahoe April 16, 17 and part of Friday 4/18,
is this too early to look for you?"    

"Hi Al & Diana-
We’re back for wind chimes #3 & 4 !!!! We want to share our love for your windchimes with our family & friends."
Arlene & Barry
San Jose, CA

"My husband and I met you at Lake Tahoe. You were delightful to talk to and we really are excited about
receiving one of your beautiful chimes. Thanks for the friendly service. It's hard to find these days!"
Laurie J, New London OH

Al, thanks for your great customer service. I received my beautiful chime this evening, as you promised. It’s
hanging outside already in front of my bedroom window for now – until the weekend when I will move it to
another location that gets more breezes. It’s so beautiful – I love it!
Peace and thanks so much.
Suzanne L, Oakland, CA

"I picked up a stardust 4 years ago and placed it next to my bedroom window. I normally would wake up at all
hours of the night and have trouble returning to sleep but now I have no problem thanks to your chimes. Having
some limited music background I can hear and see the quality and time you put into your product, thank you."
- Mike P, Arlington, Washington

Hi Al,
Linda T-B here, eagerly awaiting the arrival of my 1-X! :)
I’m writing as i threatened to, to get your info on Greek hotels.  I don’t know when I’ll get there, but you can bet
your bottom dollar i WILL get there!!
I want to thank you again for your patience while I finally made a decision Friday.  As I had said, I’d mentally
drooled over those chimes for years, so I’m really happy I’ve finally gotten off the dime and acquired one. Thank
you, also, in advance for the info on Greece. I am so very eager to get to that part of the planet.
Turkey, too.  But I think I’d better do a bit of reading prior to departure so I can better appreciate the ruins.
Enjoy your future travels, and thanks again for everything.
Take care – Linda

Diana, I bought a lovely wind chime ($199) at the recent Home Show in Santa Rosa.  Not sure which I bought,
but it produces a very deep sound and you indicated it had a sister chime that complimented the one I bought
(which we absolutely love).  You also indicated a discount when a second chime was purchased. I would now
like to purchase the second chime, but do not know which one it is or how to go about the purchase.  If you
would please advise me, I will purchase immediately.
Thank you for your time…I should have bought this two years ago!
Shalimar V
Santa Rosa

Your order for (1) 1M Medium Earthsong Chime with a custom engraving and gift card has shipped today”
Thank you.  I think your windchimes are magnificent.  
Thanks again.

"I LOVE YOUR WINDCHIMES!! Thank you for making such an excellent product. Approximately six years ago I
was in San Andreas, CA and found one of your small windchimes. I thought it was kind of expensive but just
had to have it. I love windchimes and had several small ones but after hanging your chime the old ones came
down because the sound was so inferior to your chime. I now own a medium size one I bought in Old
Sacramento and together the music they play is unbelievable. I hope to obtain several more in the future and am
planning to buy some for gifts this Christmas. Thank you for your wonderful product. I no longer buy any other
windchime. I find the sound so soothing and relaxing."
- Catherine A, Escalon, California

"I purchased one of your large chimes (Treasure of Heaven) and absolutely love it. It is in my background near
the window of my home office and when the breeze blows and it rings it is always such a lovely surprise. Unlike
most chimes I have heard, these make music, not a metallic tinkling sound. The music is soothing, calming, and
makes me happy when I hear it. I am giving a set to a friend of mine for her birthday and can hardly wait for her to
hang them so she will love them too! Thank you for taking the time to make such a fine product!
- Sandy S

"I want to send everyone a word of caution about Grace Note wind chimes. Don't buy one- buy two, buy three,
get five like me ! I started out with two chimes and reluctantly bought the Super Chime, thinking it would
overpower the others. This is simply not the case. These chimes are simply amazing- it's like listening to a
glorious concert and each song is never the same. Let me explain. As Mother Nature directs her beautiful
breezes, some chimes will sing together, then some will step back and let one sing a solo. Then others will step
up and accompany. Sometimes the Super Chime will add a fortissimo downbeat. Other times all will sing
together. The variations just go on and on & I have never heard a bad song. The sound of Grace Notes are so
mesmerizing. The sound is so beautiful that at times it makes me almost cry with joy. This is not an easy thing
for a man to say, but it is certainly no exaggeration either. Yes, Grace Notes are pricey, but please don't buy
those cheap, clanky, non- musical chimes like I've done for years. I don't regret one penny I've spent on these
chimes. The sound and sheer enjoyment is simply worth the money. Words cannot explain the musicality of
these chimes- you simply must have one or two of them, or five like me- and the wind is free! As a final note,
place a Petite Himalayan Echo right next to your bedroom window. You will notice amazing results with your
body and spirit."
- John C, Yakima, WA

"I am a wind chime collector! I love the sound of wind chimes especially in the morning! I saw chimes similar to
these on Long Beach Island, New Jersey and they were $200.00 for the small version. As much as I loved them it
was too much money! Then I came across yours!!!! They are sooooo wonderful to hear!!! The quality is
phenomenal!!! I have told sooo many of my friends where to get them because they love the sound of mine
sooo much!!!! Thank you for lifting my day every morning........."
- Dee

"Being able to hear the sound of each chime is a great marketing tool for sales on the net. I have looked and
researched many brands of windchimes and have found your chimes to be one of the best made and the sound
to be second to none. Definitely a quality product. Thanks."
- Bill, Oroville, CA

As a musician, I am amazed to find chimes tuned to various scales and their tone is unlike any other windchime.
Our first one 10 years ago was for our August anniversary with an engraving on the back about family harmony.
We have moved twice since then and the two Grace Notes go up first. The E minor 7/11 by our bedroom and the
lower G major 6/9 outside the living room. My 76 year old father is receiving a baritone Grace Note for Christmas
because that's where the majority of his hearing remains. He can set in his chair looking out over the garden and
listen to beautiful music."
- Elizabeth

I saw your 7/11 Earthsong, and struck them, they have a clear tone. They were not bongey or clanky like some
I've heard. I also notice they seemed to be machined to a higher degree than the others I have seen, plus they
were a single piece 'casting' which I thought has to show someone is really on the ball when it comes to sound
creation." I love them.
- Steven, Austin, TX

The chimes arrived Monday. I happened to be here at the time of delivery and I deployed the new chimes
immediately. I'm now enjoying the delightful sound of these wonderful new chimes along with that of the chimes
I bought last year, which still seem to be in great shape and have been doing an excellent job of conditioning the
noisy city environment. It was a pleasure once again to purchase chimes from your company. " Thanks so very
- R F, Los Angeles, CA

"I purchased a set of your beautiful windchimes while visiting home in San Francisco this summer as a house
warming gift to myself and our family. I can not tell you how beautiful they sound. We live on a hill, with the sea
to the front of us and the mountains behind in the Garden of Ireland, Wicklow, and the sound of beauty your
chimes conjure is truly healing. They harmonize completely tranquil surroundings and also remind me of home!
Thank you very much for your time and talent - they are most beloved."
- Rebecca, Avoca, Co. Wicklow Ireland

"I have 6 Grace Notes chimes around my lake home and just wouldn’t have any others for the last 10 years! I
send and recommend them to everyone!"
- Gene, Alabama

"Thank you very much for your gift of Grace Note Windchimes. If the wind isn't blowing, we will go outside and
ring the chimes just to listen to the beautiful sounds of Earthsong. Sometimes we even take the time, at night, to
sit outside, looking at the stars and listen to the sounds of heaven. The chimes are so peaceful."
-P & M, Yosemite, CA

Our set is hanging in a grand and majestic ancient fir tree at the outer edge of our yard, beyond which is a lovely
woods. Under that tree sits a bench and the bird bath. We can see and hear the chimes in that gracious setting
from every window on the back of the house and in the yard of course. They interact so beautifully with nature
and the sound of the wind in the trees. When there is no wind I sometimes walk across the yard so I can touch
them and hear their haunting, healing sound."
- Constance C, Boston, MA.

"Today, I received my chimes back from you. I had sent them in to be refurbished after almost 15 years of
beautiful sound and exposure to the elements. I even tried to re-string them myself a few years ago. They are
beautiful again and they sound like what I remembered. We lived in Mariposa when my wife bought them for me
in 1989. They hung in front of our home until we moved back to Napa in 1990. I remember hearing them on hot
Mariposa nights when the breeze finally picked up in the early morning hours. I used to comment the Holy Spirit
was blowing through our place. I received a note from "Jane (repair department)", who worked by hand to
restore my chimes. Thank you for a job well done. I am more than satisfied. If you could see my smile as I am
listening to them at this moment. I will certainly share my satisfaction and pride in the product and service you
have provided. I also enjoyed talking to the man from Tahoe who visited our home show in Napa. He gave me all
the information to get in touch with you. Thanks again. You make a retired man smile and fill his heart with joy."
- Jim, Napa, CA

"I have owned one of your "Himalayan Echo" chimes for 15 years. It has rung for me in Evanston, Chicago,
Brookfield, Peotone and now Evergreen Park, Illinois (I do move about a bit) and everywhere I've moved and
your chimes have rung for my neighbors who have often told me how much they love my chimes. They hear
familiar tunes in them. Given our hard Midwestern winters, I do take them in from about November through mid
March, a little WD-40 and a soft cloth returns their luster. As for the ringer, the original real wood one does have
to have its edges gently scraped every other year or so to get the embedded urban grit and grease removed."
- Kermit K, Evergreen Park, Illinois

"About 1 1/2 years ago, I was with my dear friend Dixie whom I have known for 13 years. We were in a little town
called Duvall Wa. and went into our favorite store. Dixie, saw and heard your chimes. Not having a lot of money (
that never stopped us) she told me, I have to have those chimes. I knew she really couldn't afford them and they
were so BIG. But like me, Dixie had her mind made up and she purchased them. Large Size Earthsong ACDEGA.
Dixie was living and working for my husband at the time and she wanted to hang them next to her bedroom
window. I said " Dixie, you'll never sleep" Well she did sleep and Dixie dearly loved her chimes. About 8 months
ago, Dixie passed away( totally unexpected) from a brain aneurism after she had decided to retire at the beach in
Ocean Shores Wa. We had a memorable there and her beautiful, wonderful chimes were incorporated into her
service. That preacher started the service by clanging those chimes as hard as he could. Dixie was there!!!! After
a wonderful service , the preacher was a little more subdued as he played the chimes a little softer. I dearly loved
this Lady and we shared quite a history together. I just got my " Dixie Chimes" from you last week. Earthsong
ACDEGA. They are playing on my deck, next to Dixie's old bedroom. I remember her when the chimes play.
Thank you for creating such a beautiful piece of musical art. I will always treasure them. Dixie's daughter took
her chimes back to Mesa Arizona and is connecting with her Mom there. Take care and thank you."
- Patricia

"I received for a gift your beautiful Himalayan Echo chimes from my friend, in memory of my father. What a
wonderful gift idea and what wonderful sounding chimes! I assure you that I will pass on such a lovely idea to
send to all that I know that would enjoy such a gift!"
- Debra

"...I went home without buying them; but it was too late - the music was already in my soul, so I went right back
and bought a set of Grace Note Chimes. They are hanging in a lovely gnarly old Cat Claw tree and I have a
symphony in my back yard."
- Sandy M, Arizona

"What a pleasure to have chimes that are pleasing to the ear."
- Green Thumb Nursery, California

"It's just a gentle note that seems to hover around us, soothing on the ear and the psyche. In a sense, it changes
the vibrations around us and we feel much better, more relaxed & at peace with ourselves."
- Frank H, California
"We are so delighted with their mystery."
- Sylvia W, Arizona

"I received a set of extra large chimes for my birthday. These are the nicest sounding chimes I have ever heard.
One of the out standing qualities about the chimes is the lingering HUUUuuuuuu sound. It is the sound of love.
My many thanks to you for building such a fine quality product."
- Terry, Noble, Oklahoma

"What beautiful chimes our instructor sent (Aherns Massage); what a lovely gift. I couldn't think of anything
better........I applaud your work and quality! What joy you have designed...God's blessings to you and your family;
may you continue to prosper in making these chimes ; such calmness and spirituality. Here from the state of
Vermont; we thank you. I will be placing them to the side of my massage parlor for all to enjoy.

"The first time I saw your chimes, in Bishop, California, at an arts & crafts fair, a little over 10 years ago, I
immediately fell in LOVE with the haunting, mysterious, pleasing sounds. Never have I heard anything like it. The
noises of other chimes are very off-key, rinky-dink and clinky, which hurts my musical ears, but your chimes are
paradise. I had a hard time choosing from the different sounds and fell in love with a medium size chime called
"Earthsong", so I purchased it. I told myself, that I will save up my money for the next time, so I could purchase
another one. Every year I searched and searched at our crafts fair, but no Grace Note chimes. My heart ached, I
wanted more Grace Note chimes! Now, about 10 years later, during a vacation, I came across a little windsock
store in Halfmoon Bay, California. Finally, my prayers were answered, they had Grace Note chimes. You can not
imagine the excitement and joy I felt! I must have spend at least an hour in that store playing and listening to all
those beautiful sounds. The person working in the store was very patient and nice. I imagine he probably got a
"kick" out of me having so much fun. That day I bought a medium size chime called "Stardust". I could not wait to
get home to hang it in our tree next to my other one. They sound so "out of this world" together. I felt like a kid in
a candy store, sooo happy!!! ……... I also like the sound of the large and extra large ones, but my budget will not
allow me to purchase those……..You guys are great, you are a lifesaver! Now I can get (in time) the three other
ones I like so much. Maybe one of these days I will win a little money in the lottery, then it definitely will be time
to purchase the "super size" chime from you. I am very fond of the min. chimes and was surprised, that "Summer
Daydream", a maj. chime, also sounded very, very nice with all the other min. ones. My family, friends and
neighbors always compliment my chimes….. My sister lives in Germany and studied music all her life. She is the
type of person that will go into a cathedral and start singing sounds in different parts of the church to hear what it
will sound like. I will send one to her as a gift, and I know for a fact that she will cherish it forever. It is so peaceful
to fall asleep to the sound of your chimes and when there is no breeze, I miss the sound sooo much. One of your
customers put it in plain perspective: "the sound changes the vibrations around us and we feel at peace with
ourselves". I thank Jeff and Mark , from the bottom of my heart and soul, for giving us peace, balance and
relaxation! You guys are wonderful and "out of this world", like your chimes! Wouldn't it be wonderful, if
everyone in this world would have one of your Grace Note chimes? Imagine the beautiful sounds of your
chimes, carrying on from one house to the next, from one town to the next, from one land to the next. Wouldn't it
be wonderful?" Thank you!
- Stefanie, Bishop, California

"The fabulous chimes arrived today. Thanks very much for your pleasant, efficient and caring manner…. Will
probably be ordering the extra large chimes next spring. Hope to deal with you again. Have a great summer!"
- Ginny P, Emerson, NJ

"I have had my Super Chime for several months now. It is hung in a 100 year old live oak in the front of our
home above a park bench where we like to sit in the evenings and visit about the events of the day or whatever
is on our minds. Also, the bench is available to and used by older people who are taking a stroll and need to stop
for a little rest. We have had so many comments about your chime, everyone loves the soothing and deep notes.
On a windy day it is really something to hear but even with a slight breeze, it's sound is soft and compelling.
Soon we will be building a naturalistic swimming pool and spa in the rear of our home and your chimes will play
a roll there as well. I had seen so many rinky dink chimes through the years but when I found yours, I knew I had
found the work of artisians. The .wav files makes the choice simple. We are well more than satisfied with our
chime and have grown to love it. We will be back to Grace Note for more chimes. I would like that big custom with
the 3 inch tubes but I have not convinced myself to invest in quite that much for a chime yet. One note for others.
Hanging the chime up high helps to disperse the sound over a wider area and is a must to prevent possible
vandals from relieving you of your fine chime. Thank you for a fine product."
- Brian B, Shreveport, LA

Paradise "I would like to share that I am extremely excited to receive my newly purchased, Large G, Island
Melody chime. I have waited a long time to order this chime. They are not inexpensive, but never the less, they
are the most beautiful sounding chimes. I have a friend that purchased this particular chime a few years ago, and
I must tell you, I look forward to hearing her chimes each and every time I visit her. Karen lives in my home town,
out of state, so when I go to visit, I have the privilege of visiting with a dear friend, and sleeping peacefully every
evening, as I drift to sleep listening to paradise. I look forward to sharing with her too, that I have finally
purchased these chimes. I absolutely love them, and look forward to sharing them with my fiancée, as he is the
one purchasing them for me as an engagement gift. Thank you to John (my fiancée) for the beautiful gift, and to
you as well for the beautiful music."
- Kim B, GA

"I have looked long and hard for your chimes. I had bought a set 5years ago for my in-laws and have never been
able to find a set as nice. I am glad I found you! Another note of what makes your chimes so special is that they
make nice gifts and the bottom windplate is perfect to engrave with a date and special message."
- Jennifer, West Chester, PA

" I Love Your Chimes!! I have always liked windchimes, but I recently purchased Summer Daydream and
absolutely LOVE it!! It has the most beautiful sound I have ever heard from a windchime. My grandson (8 yrs
old) also loves the sound. I hung it from the eaves, between our respective bedroom windows. He enjoys falling
asleep to the comforting sounds each night. I am anxious to purchase more of your beautiful chimes."
- Judy C, Santa Rosa, CA
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