Grace Note Chimes
Recycling Program
Grace Note Chimes has always promoted environmental
harmony.  Over 95% of our total waste is recycled. All of our
aluminum scrap, sawdust and shavings are classified by size and
recycled.  Our cutting oils and soaps are 100% biodegradable. We
do not cut or finish brass, copper or steel which all create toxic
New recycled composite lumber strikers are not only
environmentally friendly, they also produce a better sound. Unlike
wood strikers these composite strikers are not subject to drying
or cracking and require no maintenance.
Our windchime packaging is minimal and efficient. We do not use
any styrofoam peanuts or oversized boxes.  Most of our packing
material consists of post consumed corrugated and paper. When
you receive a Grace Note Chime, you'll find that we do not include
any excess advertising material.  Instead you will find chime care
instructions. Grace Note Wind chimes are never to be thrown
away. Even a broken or damaged chime can be refinished and
When a chime is thought to be beyond repair, we ask that they be
returned and appropriately recycled.
It is our promise that GNC will continue to develop high quality
wind chimes without sacrificing environmental concerns.
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