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Customer Testimonials
"Hi Al & Diana-
We’re back for tuned windchimes #3 &
4 !!!! We want to share our love for
your windchimes with our family &
Arlene & Barry
San Jose, CA

"Hello Al and Diana -
I just wanted to thank you for the
beautiful tuned wind chimes I bought
yesterday. I got them hanging up as
soon as I got home.  I have got a fan
blowing on them so I can enjoy the
sound of the tuned chimes all day. I
hope to buy more of them from you
down the road.
They are the best!!!!!
Diane V, Fremont CA
Relax to the soothing
sound of GraceNote
Tuned Wind Chimes in
the comfort of your
favorite deck chair.
Tuned Wind Chimes are
another one of those
essential garden
GraceNote Tuned Wind
Chimes are made in the
USA using tempered
aluminum tubing
Decorate the airwaves of
your garden with these
wonderful Tuned Wind
Deluxe Wind Chime  ¦   Extra Large Wind Chimes  ¦    Custom Wind Chimes    ¦    Large Wind Chimes   ¦    Little Grace
Notes Black  ¦   Little Grace Notes Naturals  ¦   Medium Wind Chimes  ¦   Petite Wind Chimes  ¦   Small Wind Chimes  ¦   
Steeple Wind Chimes  ¦   Super Wind Chimes  ¦  Medium Black Chimes
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Grace Note Tuned Wind Chimes
Relax to the soothing sound of Grace Note Tuned Wind Chimes in the comfort of your
favorite deck chair..Tuned Wind Chimes are another one of those essential garden
accessories. Grace Note Tuned Wind Chimes are made in the
  • Chimes can be personalize with Wind Paddle Engraved Message
  • Chimes can include personalized Gift Card
  • Chimes can be Gift Wrapped

Go to:  Grace Note Wind Chime
Engraved Memorial Urn Wind Chimes
Grace Note Chimes have been used as musical memorials to loved ones for many
years. Grace Note Chimes now offers Memorial Musical Urn Wind Chimes in all of the
chime models (excepting "Little series").
Go to:
Engraved Urn Wind Chimes  
Seasonal Harmonizing Tuned Chimes®
Musician/composer acupuncturist Fabian Maman, one of the worlds leading experts on
vibrational sound therapy, developed a series of Seasonal Harmonizing Concerts to bring
human beings, nature and the cosmos into healing harmony. He has been playing  these
concerts around the world for more than 30 years.
Go to: Seasonal Chimes
RefraXions - 3D Art
Our all weather art is an art print applied to 18ga steel, designed for
outdoor use and is maintenance free state of the art Infusion technology,
and UV protected inks insure crisp images, saturated color , and the look
of high quality art prints. This process renders an amazingly smooth and
consistent image.  
Go to : RefraXions
Up Coming Shows
Revolutions Garden Stakes
Our new Revolutions Garden Stakes will add the beauty of nature to your
garden. Perched on top of a pole, a breeze will cause the colorful piece to
Go to: Garden Stakes
Ships in 24 Hours
Ships in 24 Hours
Ships in 24 Hours
Ships in 24 Hours
Ships in 24 Hours
Hand-crafted, Symphonic Quality Tuned Wind Chimes
  •    Seven sizes spanning four octaves
  •    Ten musical scales, plus the unique Westminster
  •    The amazing, 14'-0" Basso Profundo tuned wind
  •    Standard orchestral pitch (A 440)
  •    Custom tunings available
  •    Black, powder-coated, aluminum alloy tubing
  •    Adjustable activity control
Ships in 48 Hours
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Jan 23 - 25

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Seattle, WA
Feb 11 - 15

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Portland Yard Garden & Patio Show
Portland, OR
Feb 27 - Mar 1

Fresno Home Show
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Mar 6 - 8

San Francisco Flower & Garden Show
San Mateo, CA CA
Mar 18 - 22

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"Rainbow Bridge" Pet Memorial Chime Series. We have had
numerous requests for Pet Memorial Chimes and we feel that our efforts have
produced a chime that measures up to the love you have for your departed pet.
Go to "Rainbow Bridge" Pet Memorial Chimes
Now" Rainbow Bridge Urns & Paddle Engraving
are available on all standard Grace Note Chimes
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Chakra Chimes
The human body has energy centers with different rates of vibration or sound. These
energy centers are called chakras. These energy centers are not in the human body.
Rather they are in what is called the subtle or astral body- the aspect of us that
experiences astral travel, out of body experiences, and lucid dreams. The subtle or
astral body is an energetic form of the physical body.
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